What is the average cost to replace a roof in Louisville Kentucky?

Average cost to replace a roof in Louisville, KY

Average Cost to Replace a Roof in Louisville, Kentucky

When a customer calls us for a free estimate for a roof replacement, one of the main questions we always get is “What is the average cost to replace a roof?” In Louisville, roofing costs vary by type of roofing material chosen, warranty length, pitch of the roof and the overall complexity of the job. Not every house will share the same costs to replace a roof, but we have compiled the average costs for roof replacement from this year.

Asphalt Shingle Roofing Prices

The asphalt shingle is still the number one choice in Louisville for keeping homes protected from the harsh elements. There are many different brands and styles of asphalt shingles available for your roofing project. Which type you choose will help determine the average cost for a complete roof replacement.

3-Tab Shingles

Cost to replace 3-tab roof?

3-Tab Shingles

Although declining in popularity, you will find many brand new 3-tab roofs being installed in the Louisville area. A 3-tab shingle has a lower price point and makes for a very economical choice if your roof replacement budget is tight. This type of shingle gets its name because of the three individual “tabs” that are exposed when installed. While a good choice for some homes, a 3-tab shingle will have a flat appearance; typically, without much color variation. Expect a warranty range from most manufacturers for 3-tab shingles to be 20-30 years.

The average price to completely tear off an old 3-tab roof and replace it with a new 3-tab roof in Louisville is $2.15 – $2.75 per square foot in 2014.

Dimensional Shingles

Price to replace a roof with dimensional shingles.

Dimensional Shingles

Dimensional laminated shingles are the current shingle of choice for a majority of Louisville homes. These shingles were developed in the 1970s, and were created to give a wood-shake roof appearance on higher end homes. The price difference between 3-tab and dimensional shingles has fallen in recent years, making the decision to upgrade easier for the homeowner. Many older 3-tab roofs that were damaged during the April 2012 Louisville hail storm were replaced with new dimensional shingles. Depending on the manufacturer, many of those shingles came with lifetime warranties.

The average price to completely tear off an old 3-tab roof and replace it with new dimensional shingles in Louisville is  $2.29 – $2.88 per square foot in 2014.

Designer and High Grade Shingles

Cost to replace a roof with premium shingles.

Premium Shingle

There are several premium asphalt shingles on the market, each adding it’s own distinctive style and features. Premium shingles are much thicker than a standard shingle and often include increased warranties against wind and hail damage. These shingles are sometimes considered “impact resistant” and may allow for a reduction in your home insurance premium.

The average price to remove an old 3-tab or dimensional roof and install a premium roofing system starts at around $2.80 per square foot.

Lower Cost Roofing Alternatives

I recently saw an ad from a competitor who was offering roof replacement “starting at $1.94 per sf”. This can seem quite attractive when you are roofing on a budget but you have to make sure the price includes other needed items such as ventilation, proper plumbing flashing, step flashing replaced, etc.

The average roof prices quoted above were from actual jobs. These prices represent real world prices in Louisville, Kentucky, and include all of the items needed to complete a project down to the last nail.



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