Check Out This Old Certainteed Roofing Ad

Old Certainteed Roofing Advertisement

I was doing a little research yesterday in a few old papers and came across this old ad for Certainteed Roofing. The company was originally established in 1904 as the General Roofing Manufacturing Company in St. Louis, Missouri. In 1917, the name was changed to the Certain-teed Products Corporation.

CertainTeed is a leading North American manufacturer of building materials such as roofing, vinyl siding, fences, railing, trim, decking, insulation, gypsum, and ceilings products. Certainteed is now headquartered in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania and employs around 6000 people. 


Grandfather said: “When I was a boy, there was no such thing as this modern, easy-to-lay weather-proof.”


Old Certainteed Roofing Advertisement

This is a very old Certainteed roofing advertisement.

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