Missing Shingles: The Importance of a Comprehensive Roof Inspection

Shingles blown off by wind storm.

The Importance of a Comprehensive Roof Inspection

By Morgan Hill

Missing roof shingles

Missing roof shingles

Is your roof missing shingles, or are there areas on the roof where shingles lift and bend when the wind blows?  If so, it is critical that you have your home properly inspected by a competent roofing contractor.  Shingles that are missing or are unsealed, either from normal aging or storm damage, is a red flag that your home’s exterior needs attention.  Missing shingles can decrease your home’s property value, cause leaks inside your home, and if left unattended, can create issues with your home’s insurability.

Missing Shingles Decrease Your Home’s Value

The exterior condition of your home is the first impression people will have when visiting or passing by on the street.  Missing shingles are unsightly, and can decrease the real and perceived value of the home.  For example, a drop in value may be especially noticeable when you decide to sell your home.  Inspectors and appraisers tend to pay special attention to the

Shingles blown off by wind storm.

Shingles blown off by wind storm.

roof when a property is being sold.  Roof repairs will be deducted from the value of the house, which will decrease your equity or cause you to potentially lose the sale.  Even if you are not planning to sell your home any time soon, missing shingles give the appearance of disrepair and neglect.  Make sure to have your roof inspected, and properly repaired, to avoid decreasing your home’s value.

Missing Shingles Can Cause Leaks

Decreased property value is just the beginning of the problems caused by missing shingles.  When a roof system is compromised to the point that shingles come off, there is a possibility that moisture is finding its way into the home.  Sometimes leaks are noticeable right away, such as when rain water pours down the walls or from fixtures.  Other times, leaks caused by missing shingles go unnoticed because they develop slowly or show up in seemingly unlikely places.  For example, leaks in the attic may never become noticeable in the main living areas

Black mold can occur  without ever seeing a spot on your ceiling.

Black mold can occur without ever seeing a spot on your ceiling.

of the home, but may cause rot and mold over time.  Also, it might seem unlikely that a brown spot forming on the ceiling in the kitchen could be related to a missing shingle over the living room until one considers that the water found its way into the home over the living room, and then ran along a rafter until it dripped onto the kitchen ceiling.  There are many scenarios that must be considered when investigating leaks or potential leaks related to missing shingles.  It is important to have a knowledgeable contractor inspect your roof so that you can have peace of mind about the condition of your home.

Missing Shingles Can Cause Issues with Insurability

Not only will you need peace of mind about your home, but your insurance company also needs to be confident that your home is kept in good repair in order to agree to pay for interior damage as a result of storm damage, as well as to provide future insurance coverage.  If you have a leak, but waited a long time to file a claim for the missing roof shingles that caused the leak, the interior portion of your claim may be denied since nothing was done to mitigate the damage as quickly as possible.  Even if the insurance carrier agrees to repair or replace the roof, you may be on the hook financially for the costly interior repairs.

Insurers can and will cancel a policy due to neglect.

Insurers can and will cancel a policy due to neglect.

It is also worth noting that most insurance carriers do property inspections every couple of years.  They are checking to be sure that the homes they insure are properly maintained, and that there are no avoidable hazards on the premises.  Since missing shingles could lead to bigger problems over time, many insurance companies will require that repairs are made to the roof before they will renew your policy.  Do not be caught off guard with huge repair expenses when it comes time to renew your insurance.

Hill Construction Services Can Provide a Comprehensive Roof Inspection

At Hill Construction Services, we understand the importance of providing an honest,

Call now to schedule a comprehensive inspection.

Call now to schedule a comprehensive inspection.

comprehensive roof inspection.  Our knowledgeable inspectors are trained to assess various types of damage and age related issues, and can tell you right away whether you should

patch missing shingles or if there is more serious damage to consider. If the roof was severely damaged as the result of a wind storm, we will help guide you through the entire insurance claims process. Contact us today at (502)416-1123 to schedule your free, comprehensive roof inspection.




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