Your Project

Though every job is different, there are several basic steps involved in a restoration project. Below is a quick overview of what you can expect.  From start to finish, you can count on Hill Construction Services to guide you through the process.

1)      Inspection

After you contact your insurance company to report your claim, an adjuster from the insurance company will visit your property to perform an inspection.  Your Hill Construction Services representative will meet him or her on site, thoroughly inspect the property, and discuss the scope of work to be performed.

2)      Estimate and first check

Once the inspection is complete, the adjuster will create an estimate, called a loss summary report.  The loss summary report will detail what is to be repaired or replaced, and how much the insurance company will pay for those items.  A check for the claim, minus depreciation and your deductible, will then be issued.

3)      Understanding the Loss Summary Report

Once you receive your loss summary report, your Hill Construction Services representative will sit down with you to make sure the scope is complete and to answer any questions that you may have.

4)      Review product choices

We understand that major exterior repairs to your home can increase curb appeal, and that these changes should hold up under time and normal weather.  Therefore, we make sure to use top quality building materials that make it easy for you to choose styles and colors that suit your taste.  Your Hill Construction Services representative will be able to answer product questions, as well as review material samples and color choices with you.

5)      Contract signing

Once we have reviewed the scope of loss, determined pricing, and selected materials, the next step is to put it all on paper in the form of a contract.  Your Hill Construction Services representative will walk you step by step through the contract and construction preparations.  Your contract will reflect the scope of work, chosen materials, amount owed, payment breakdown, and warranty information.

6)      Build Process

After your contract is signed and approved, your job is then moved into the production stage.  Our Production Manager will contact you to schedule delivery of materials, and to let you know when to expect the crew.  Our goal is to deliver materials and complete construction in a timely manner so that you and your family will be disrupted as little as possible.  Generally, the project will begin one or two days after materials arrive, weather permitting.

7)      Final Steps

Your first payment will be due as outlined in your contract.  Typically, this occurs once the first stage of construction is completed.  Once the project is 100% complete, you will sign a Certificate of Completion.  This certificate will be used to invoice the insurance company for your final check.  Our office staff maintains contact with your insurance claims department until funds are released.  At that time, we will generate our final invoice, and notify you to expect your final check in the mail from the insurance company.